Pepe Angel

A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, owned and loved by Dolores - UK.

Pepe has now joined his friend Benji at Rainbow Bridge.

Benji at Scarboro

In Memory of Sammy 19.4.95 to 21.7.05, loved and treasured by Dolores, see you at the Bridge Sammy.
Miss you so much.

And our Charlie ... now gone to the Bridge
but always loved and never forgotten.

Dancer, who journeyed to the Bridge in October 2009
Loved and missed forever.

If lighting this candle would stop my tears
I would light a hundred, and dry my eyes
If lighting this candle would ease my sorrow
I would light a thousand, and smile again

If lighting this candle would bring you back
I'd light a million, and await your return
But lighting a candle won't stop the tears,
Won't ease my sorrow, and won't bring you back ... so
I won't light a million, a thousand, or even a hundred,
I will light just one candle. One candle
For one who was unique in my life.
One candle because I loved you like no other
One candle because there will never be another you
One candle for the one who meant everything to me
Godspeed, Pepe, from Dolores who loved him so much
Until we meet again!

The Fab Four in Wales in 2001

Pepe, Rambo & Sammy in backyard

Rambo in a bad mood

Rambo on his back

More pics of the Fab Four

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