My mommy says she has lots and lots and lots of reasons why she wanted me. And why she loves me. Here are some of them:

Chi's are sweet.

Chi's are lovable.

If you have a longhaired chi, the tail makes a good feather duster.

It also makes a good dishcloth.

A chi has a warm little tongue that gives lots and lots and lots of kisses.

A chi makes a great bedwarmer. If you want more than one little spot warmed, however, you need multiple chi's.

A chi is a fabulous watchdog. If anything even moves on your street, your chi will make sure you know it. (Whether you want to know it or not.)

A chi will lie on your lap and "help" you work on your webpage. (So that's why that hyperlink didn't work! Playing catch-the-fingers while typing HTML can be dangerous! ;-))

A chi will drag toys all over the house and leave lots of crunchies and chews for you to step on with bare feet. (Ouch!)

A chi is lovable, cute, and has a great "big dog" personality!
(Thanks, Kathleen!)

A chi is a friend you can always count on for his love and sweetness.
(Thanks, Matt!)

A chi makes you smile.
(Thanks, Harriett!)

Chi's love their owners so much. (And do not like to share them!)
(Thanks, Olivia!)

My chi, "Gecko" is his name, just adores me to death. He sits and stares the reckles of my face, hugs and kisses me and protects me fiercely. Yet, Gecko is out going and friendly to almost every person he meets. There is NOTHING like the 'unconditional' love of a chi !!!!!!
(Thanks, ByrdieCJ!)

Why not? Chis, 'specially girl chis, make the best heating pads and are the right size to put on your belly when you especially need a belly warmer!
(Thanks, Kathy!)

Why do you love your chi? Email us and tell us why and Mommy will put it on the page!

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